I’m not ok…

I’m slowly losing myself again! I mean some days I’m OK but honestly I am tired mentally, physically, & emotional!

I am broken for so many reasons & it takes a toll of my mental health. As long as I’m around people I feel OK, I’m laughing & joking as much as I can because I know once I’m alone my soul will instantly enter a dark place. I don’t know what it’s gone take for me to heal but I’m ready because I’m tired!

Holding on to dead weight is my biggest problem, I hate it!

I want my soul to be set free, I want to go back in time to do things differently so I wouldn’t be in the place I am right now. I’m not asking for sympathy but if you love me, pray for me because I need it right now!

Shortguy Tim

If you don't like what I write, I really don't care, don't come to my site. This site isn't for you, it is for me. I really don't care about your feelings and if you get offended. I write how I feel and about things that go on in my daily life. You're more than welcome to send me a contact if you issues.