Probably time to leave

I was asked to change from Section 1 to bartender on Friday night because Laura was sick. Well, I was pretty much told I was gonna be bar, even though we had others that could’ve worked it. I would’ve done it for Laura in a heartbeat, she needs rest, so Friday would be a perfect night for her to rest.

Now, I rely on Friday nights to make money. I average about $175 every Friday. I was told to let the manager know what I made, and that she’ll “make it up” to me. So, at the end of the night, I made a whopping $74!!

Servers were assholes all night because I couldn’t keep up with their fucking teas and lemonades. I even had a guest sit at the bar, I told him I’d be right with him, but that wasn’t good enough. He told a server that he didn’t want to tip me, so asked her to be his server. No problem, douche. But…he continued to sit at my bar!!!!!

The entire night the draft system was screwing up, so I had to constantly go back and re-tap most of the kegs. At one point I asked the MOD if she could help, and she got an attitude with me. I NEVER ask for help, and the one time I do, I get an attitude. She had the balls to want to talk to me at the end of the night, I told her to please just count my drawer so I could leave. I was not having any of her bullshit.

So, the next day I tell the manager about what I made, and what was said to me was, “Well, that sucks”. Really???? I helped you out, with the notion that you would be “making it up to me”. WTF man. Look, I’m not bitching about helping a fellow co-worker out, especially one that deserves time off, but I’m done helping any manager at this store ever again.

Once again I get shafted for being the “nice guy”. They appreciate me so fucking much that I got scheduled a whole 4 days next week!! WooHoo! What did I ever do to deserve to go from 50 hours a week down to 28. This is definitely a company that I want to grow with.

Every damn person at this place is only out for themselves. Me on the other hand, am after making sure everybody has a great shift and goes home happy, not fucking stressed so much that they debate coming back. I’m a firm believer in taking care of the employees first, before any guest. These managers are only after numbers, numbers that don’t pay my bills.

So with this stupid blog being so terribly written, it’s time for me to not only question going back, but to finally get the hell out this company. There’s a reason I stepped down a couple months ago, but that don’t seem to matter to them either, they continue to schedule me manager shifts. And honestly, I don’t care about the shifts. I just go through the motions while I’m there.