Back to the basics: Lat Pulldown

I know it’s hard to do right now with the quarantine, unless you actually have a full gym at home, but going back to the basics so when the gyms open back up, you’ll be at true form.

Here are the basic steps to a lat pulldown:

  1. Grab the bar at a grip that is outside of shoulder width apart, with your fingers facing away from you
  2. Make sure your knees are under the pads, tighten your abs, keep your shoulder blades low and together, life your chest and inhale
  3. Pull the bar down to your chest and exhale
  4. Pause for a moment and return the bar by straightening your arms

Use your full range of motion by pulling the bar all the way down so that it touches the top of your chest to make the most out of the movement.

If your muscles are starting to get too fatigued and you cannot bring the bar down in a controlled way without keeping your back straight, you’re pulling too much weight or doing too many reps. Avoid injury by listening to your body and keeping proper form with every rep.

Use a wider grip to work on your back, and a closer grip to work more on your arms.

The lat pulldown is a super simple yet powerful exercise, especially if the correct form is kept throughout. Doing the exercise properly will result in strengthening your upper back, forearms and biceps.