Bitch/Rant blog

Guess I have to voice my opinion and set some facts straight.

Being a server, you expect to only make $4.30/hr in Ohio, plus tips. I have no problem with that. What i have a problem with is not getting and tables to make up for the difference in minimum wage. Let me clarify. When we have big parties, parties that were booked in advance, we work them as normal, and if that party decides to tip when paying their bill, we will get that tip on our paycheck, not cash in hand after they leave. That’s not a bad thing, unless you have multiple parties all week. This was never discussed during training, so we had no idea until we opened and then got parties.

Now let’s talk about today, December 7, 2019. I was scheduled in at 11:00 am, in VP. I picked up this evening, because it’s Saturday, it’s the day I make my most money. So I was working 11:00 am until 11:30 pm. 13 1/2 hours is awesome for tips, unless you don’t get any.

So, I went to see what tables I had today, and they said you’re in DR. What? My schedule says something different. I was told I was on a party of 75, with 5 other servers. No. Parties do not help my cash flow. Being a server, I rely on the tips I make daily to survive, not wait 2 weeks for a paycheck. So they switched my section to be in SP. Alright, 3 tables in this section, I an make some money! I was wrong. I got one table around 11:15 am and 11:30 pm, and they were done I think at 12:15 pm, then I was told that the other 2 tables were going to be for a party of 10 at 2:00 pm. Great. So about 1:45, one of those tables was being used, so I asked about it, they said they’re moving the party, ok, no problem. Come 2:00 pm, both of those tables are gone, so I asked my manager about it, he said “it moved somewhere else, I’ll TRY and get you some tables in VP this evening.” Excuse me???

So, for the past 2 hours, I’ve been running food and drinks, helping bus tables, for no tips, and now, you take my party away and tell me you’ll “try” to get me tables this evening! Are you serious? I even told my GM that I wanted 15 minutes to speak with him uninterrupted, but like always, it was brushed away.

So I told my manger that I was going home. So I clocked out and left. I don’t work again until Tuesday, if I still have a job, I have no idea. But, he’s left 2 different employees do not call no shows and keep their jobs, so who knows.

Here’s the problem: We had 17 parties today. Not one of those parties was booked last night, so why all the confusion and disorganization today with these parties? Why wasn’t certain things communicated to everybody?

I understand I’m just a server and don’t need to know about manager stuff, but I’ve been in management long enough to see that certain managers are in way over their head, and just fly by the seat of their pants on a daily basis and walk around going through the motions. Walking around with those headsets on, talking to each other, does not help if you have no clue what’s going on daily. Sure, it helps during your shift, but what about pre-planning? Would you not plan things accordingly based on projections as well as events happening, as well as, I don’t know, possibly PARTIES!!!

I have asked numerous times to work in the kitchen, where I would shine, even worked in the kitchen on 2 consecutive days, because they needed somebody, and of course, me being who I am, jumped back there and helped, with no training, and still ran circles around some of the line cooks. But, I was told I am not allowed on the line anymore because I am a server, not a cook. Hell, I even took all the BOH tests, and passed them all the first try, except one. But because I became a server at the start, I cannot help out in the kitchen because our GM does not want to cross train for at least 6 months, regardless of need, 6 months, 180 days of no cross-training.

I was told that the person that is cross training couldn’t handle serving, but I could, when I asked why I can’t be in the kitchen, yet, me being able to serve, with up to 10 tables in different sections, I get screwed over. I’m the only server that has progressed up to Green Level, yet I’m screwed over trying to make money. Our GM said he wants us to make money, yet makes it so that that money is on a 2 week basis, and for less money than it would be with actually taking tables.

I am so fed up. I’m tired of busting my ass, trying to do the right thing and better myself, only to get looked over and treated like a piece of trash. I’m tired of it. Why the hell was today such a disaster? Why, at 3:45 pm, am I at home, when I should be at work until 11:30 pm tonight?

Why? COMMUNICATION and ORGANIZATION. The biggest downfall to this company, or yet, this store, that I have ever been a part of.