I know that A LOT of cooks and servers smoke. So getting a chance to go outside during your shift is good. We have an area outside with the dumpsters where we can smoke, as long as we stay inside the corral. I’ve noticed lately that almost all of the kitchen staff takes this as a break break (15-30 min), and also going to their car to “smoke”.

When the hell has any company allowed employees to go outside for a smoke break and take 25 minutes, AND allow them to go to their car and sit, without clocking out! Oh wait….my company does.

What’s gonna happen is that management is going to take breaks away all together. This is going to suck for us smokers. I’m sorry, but taking a cigarette break  during an ass kicking shift helps relax me. Let’s me unwind for a few minutes before going back to deal with bullshit again.

Little things like this happens almost every shift, it’s also one of the reasons why I decided to step down.