Build ya up, just to shoot you back down

I have been asking to go into the kitchen, because honestly, I’m a damn good cook. I was told that I had to ask my GM to get approval, every other manager said it was fine.

On Monday night at work, I just wasn’t feeling it. Nothing felt right, I didn’t want to be there, I couldn’t stand the idea of waiting on any tables, so I asked the manager on duty if she thought they would be fine if I left. This was being done in our stock room, where our KM was as well. He made a comment as to “put him in the kitchen, not best training, but a crash course, and then you can prove yourself”. Inside I was jumping up and down, excited as hell, outside, I just told them that is fine, if it’s ok with them.

So, I put on the shirt, got a hat, and went on the line. It felt fucking incredible! It was like a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders. I wasn’t in a funk I had fun. Instead of running the flat grill all night, I was running broil, flat as well as helping on fry side during our AYCE Wings. This was incredible. I had no training in this kitchen, yet I was running 3 stations!

My manager, at the end of the night said to me “I’m very impressed Tim, you did awesome!”. I was told by the cooks that were there pretty much the same thing. I was in heaven. I finally felt “home”.

The next day I had to work 12-10 serving, I was still riding the high from the night before, so I wasn’t affected by serving at all. Our second in charge asked me at about 1;00 if I would mind working in the kitchen at night instead of being on the floor because he heard how great I did. I didn’t even hesitate, FUCK YA I will!!!

Once again, with new cooks I haven’t worked with yet, were really impressed by my knowledge and that I was actually pulling another cook through our dinner rush while still running my station. This is fucking awesome dude. This place is BUSY, and here I am, a server, working the line and killing it! A brown hat on the line told me before I left that I have to “stay in the kitchen”, that we “need you back here”. Do you have any idea how that made me feel?? 🙂 Damn man, I’m making great impressions in this kitchen, in only 2 days!

Now, today, Wednesday, I finally see my KM after my 2 kitchen runs. He says that he heard great things about me in the kitchen and that I proved myself within 2 hours on Monday night! This is what I wanted. I told him that I will work in the kitchen all next week at night, because I’m scheduled to serve days only, he said great.

I was talking to my manager about it and he says, “JP said you’re not allowed to work in the kitchen no more. Tim is a server, not a cook.” I thought he was joking, but another manager told me the same thing. I’m fucking pissed man. Why would anybody hold me back from trying to help, to better myself? So I went to his office to ask why the hell ain’t I allowed to be in the kitchen anymore? He was telling me that nobody is to be cross trained until he says it’s ok, which will be at least 6 months. Everybody wants to cross train, he says, and he can’t have that right now. I said, but I already proved myself in the kitchen, it’s not like I’m being cross trained. He said No. So I said “what about the server that’s cross training to front desk”, he told me that’s a different story, she was going to put her notice in. So I asked him, “do I have to threaten to quit to be able to do something else if that’s the way it works?” He didn’t like that, but he said that she can’t handle serving, and that I can handle serving with multiple tasks thrown in, so he don’t want to lose a strong server to the line. That felt good knowing he knows I’m a strong server, but still don’t help me become a strong force in the entire restaurant.

The rest of the day sucked. Felt like my heart was just torn from my body and thrown down. When I told our KM, he thought I was joking as well, but when he figured out I wasn’t, he was pissed as well. I don’t understand the logistics of this, but I’m not the GM. I can do both, cook and serve. So it’s not like I’m leaving one position for another. I would never leave a person or department struggling. I’m hoping that in a couple weeks, JP will see that I am needed in the kitchen and allow me to go back, because honestly, everything felt right being back there. No bullshit, just cook the orders. Cook the orders. No dealing with rude assholes, or running back and forth to refill a water for the 10th time.

They put me on cloud 9 for 2 days only do grab a leave blower and blow that cloud from underneath me…I’m crushed