Everybody has been to a place that they wanted to quit their jobs, hell, I’ve been there a time or two in Philly. But I can honestly say that this place actually makes me want to do it. This place is a fucking joke.

Our KM is the biggest joke of a manager, I don’t even know how she got this position in the first place. I don’t believe the crap you see in the movies, by that I mean, getting promotions by sleeping “your way to the top”, but I’m really starting to believe that a dick is being sucked to keep their job!!

Let me rewind for a moment. Since my last entry, I stepped down as a Key Manager, and have told the mgmt staff that I no longer want to be a manager with this company. I have told our GM and KM that I will no longer work in the kitchen, that I will work in the front of the house only!

I refuse to be a part of a kitchen staff that don’t give 2 shits about anything. It’s out of hand. The KM breaks just about every rule that there is as a manager, yet still blames everybody else for her failures. You can be close to employees, I’m close to some, but having almost every employee having your phone number, almost everyone being on your social media, going out with employees, breaks every fucking rule this company has.

Some may think, “whats the big deal”, well the big deal is, these employees no longer see you as an authority figure, now they consider you a co-worker, a friend. That in turn flows into the workplace, which in turn, makes them think they can do whatever they want while at work. Wearing headphones, wearing whatever clothes you want, no uniform, no hats. Food safety, HA! WTH is that??? I’m surprised this place hasn’t been shut down yet.

On to a happier note. I am now serving more, and getting bartending shifts. I’ve never bartended, and trust me, it shows. But I’m learning more and more.

Alright, it’s late. I think I vented enough