Frustration is starting to settle back in

I’ve been trying really hard to stay positive at work, it gets really hard at times, especially today. I was originally scheduled 11-5 today, on Saturday, it was changed to 10:30-7:30 because I was going to be doing a party at 2:30. So, I go in today at 10:30, the dining room is completely blocked off, and I was scheduled in dining room! So, from 11-3 today, I had no tables, as a server. I worked for 4 hours at $4.30/hr, with no tips.

I looked at the board to see who was on the party with me, 8 fucking servers! 8 servers for a party of 130, which was gonna be a buffet style, all we had to do was bus tables and refill drinks. That does not take 8 servers.

Now, three of those servers that are on this party are lazy as hell. Even when they’re serving, they’re on their phones, not doing side work, not rolling silverware, nothing but doing tables. We get tipped from this party, but it is split between all the servers. So if we’re tipped $200, that gets split 8 ways, even for the 3 servers who don’t do anything, they get to share in the rewards. I found out that we actually are getting a $79 tip. Which in mind, is bullshit because the 3 lazy asses get that as well, even though they spent the majority of the time on their phones, or in the back on their phones or talking to other servers.

God forbid I say anything, because nothing gets done. Even when our GM sees them, nothing is said. So what really is my motivation to stay with this company? Why would I bust my ass trying to move up in the company when everything I try to do goes un-noticed.

We’ve had 2 different servers do a no call no show, one of them 2 days in a row, yet they still have their jobs. So why is it that certain company policies are followed, but others get overlooked?

I honestly believe our GM is overwhelmed. I don’t believe he was prepared to be a GM. He may be great at the administration part of the job, but when it comes to dealing with employees, or issues with staff, he has no idea. The 2 servers who didn’t show up, are both kiss asses, so it’s obvious why they got to keep their job. I refuse to kiss anybody’s ass for a job. My work ethic speaks for itself.

Tonight, I was in the back and the line was getting kind of busy, Courtney was by herself on pizza, and asked for help. Our GM walks over and looks at her screen and starts to re-work the line to get her some help. He didn’t offer to go back and help, he decided to move people around, putting somebody on a station that they barley know, because he didn’t want to go back and help. Courtney is a hell of a worker, she was to the point of walking out, which would be a huge blow to our line because she is so strong. But I don’t blame her. Our commander in chief wouldn’t go back and help. I thought that’s one of the stipulations of being a GM, HELPING!

But then again, helping out your line cooks isn’t going to benefit you, so why get dirty, right?