I am one stupid

I made the mistake of texting my ex in September telling her to enjoy her cruise. As soon as I hit send, it was at that moment I knew I fucked up. She has not stopped texting since. If you’ve read the last blog about her, you’d know that she left me in early July. I just thought I was being nice with a simple little message. I was wrong!

She has continued to text, snap, call, everything to “meet” with me, just for a little bit to get things out in the open. Bitch, you left me, there is nothing to talk about. She continues to keep telling me that I’m all she thinks about, everyday. How the hell can I be the only thing you think about when I haven’t heard a word from you until I made the mistake of texting you? You leave July 3rd, and never once did I get a text or anything until mid September, ONLY after I text you first!

Saturday night she blew my phone up. I thought ‘if I meet with her somewhere, it’ll stop’, so I told her that we could meet on Sunday evening. So Sunday, me, my girls, AND my ex wife all went Maize Valley, and I think, had a great time. We talked about what was going on, and what was gonna happen later tonight.

Once again, Tracey was the reasoning I needed to hear about the whole ex shit. So I blocked Jess(ex-girlfriend) from texting me, blocked her on Snapchat. Problem solved, right?

As I’m laying down to go to bed, around 9 something, my phone rings! Fuck! I send it to voicemail and continue to Blacklist her phone number from calling me. Phew!

I wake up this morning at 4:30, and look at my phone, I see a Snapchat from Tracey, and I could not believe my eyes!Crazy

This bitch is trying to get a hold of Tracey, and on top of that, she’s trying to get her to console her!!

How the hell could she even think that, my ex-wife, who I cheated on with Jess, is going to console her about me not answering her or meeting with her? This is on a whole new level of craziness!

I’m writing this blog for two reason:

  1. So any future prospects for her will know the kind of shit you’re getting yourself into
  2. In case I come up missing, you’ll know who to look for!