Just another big Fuck You

Once again, I feel like the US Government as well as the Ohio Government is trying to tell me something, without actually coming out and saying it. This is like a bad relationship. You know something is wrong, but your significant other won’t actually tell you, you just have to figure it out.

This morning I woke up with the promise of actually having my stimulus check in my bank account. Just like everyday, I login to my bank, and low and behold, still negative balance. Now this web portal, that is suppose to give you information about your stimulus check, is suppose to go live on Friday the 17th, but it’s actually live today!

Man, I was excited. So i go and login, and it says they have no direct deposit information for me! What? I’ve ALWAYS had direct deposit with my tax returns, but now, you don’t have that information? So there’s a link to add your account information. So I go there and fill everything out, and it says my information for my bank isn’t what they have on file?!?!

How, I mean, how can you tell me that you don’t have any direct deposit information, but then proceed to tell me what I put in isn’t what you have on file? How is that possible? So I try again, but this time it tells me that I have reached the maximum times allowed and to re-try in 24 hours! So, checking one time exceeds the maximum times allowed? Ok, so I guess I’ll just check again tomorrow. I mean, I check everyday anyhow, so what’s the difference.

So I thought I’d log in to unemployment and see what’s happening there, since I have 4 weeks on “Pending” payments. But, the same as everyday, it’s still pending. I’m really starting to feel that all these hoops that keeps getting put in front of me is a test of my mental state, and to be honest, it’s working. Because my mental state deteriorating faster every day.

My rent’s not paid for this month, I get asked everyday from the landlords about it. I don’t at this “new” job until next Tuesday, and by the time I get paid, it’s gonna be May. So April’s rent will be paid a month late, and so forth. This whole thing is stupid. The government says they’re helping, but who are they really helping? Not us people who really need the help. Always something that comes up for the “common” guy. But these people who make just below the cut off for the stimulus are probably getting theirs. The low-lifes onĀ  welfare and food stamps probably gotten theirs, but the people who try every fucking day, and are down to their last $5, with no income on the horizon, get screwed.

Times like this make it really hard to stay positive, and I try to look at the positive of every situation, but this one, I don’t see a positive, except that I’m still alive, but am I really living?