Just another day

It’s been a little bit since I blogged. I’m trying to focus on this management position, and really trying to stay positive, but man is it hard.

I don’t think I want to work in this kitchen anymore. Our KM has never been a Kitchen Manager before, and it’s starting to show. I’m also seeing that the KM is pretty close to employees. This isn’t a problem, but giving out your phone number, as a manager, to employees is against company policy.

That’s just one thing that I’ve noticed and found out so far, but I have to say, this kitchen needs a lot of help. With attitudes as well following spec.

I pride myself on doing everything at work the right way, by the way things are presented, to how many ounces of each ingredient goes into each dish. But for the most part, this staff has no idea what most spec is. This is a problem.

I’m gonna do what I can to re-train and coach to get this kitchen up to par.