There is an issue at our store that people take a “leave of absence”, for whatever reason, then come back like everything is ok.

The latest employee really didn’t have a leave, she just didn’t show up one day for her shift. Nobody heard from her, then a couple of weeks later, presto, she shows up with some sob story and documentation. Low and behold, she’s back on the schedule!

Now, this employee, at best, was a mediocre worker. Tonight, she kept to that theme, well, worse. The entire night all she did was bitch. Bitch about no business, bitch about making money, and how the restaurant should pay her more per hour because we are not busy. Then she proceeded to tell some staff that she works in a “professional” environment during the day then comes to “this dump”.

We didn’t seek you out, we didn’t try and get you back, you came crawling back wanting your job back. If this place is such a dump, why come back? If there isn’t any money to be made here, why beg for your job? I understand that sometimes staffing is an issue, but we survived pretty damn good without her sorry ass, why even bother bringing her back