Nerve of some people

Why do people leave such bad reviews for places that they worked? I mean, everybody has been pissed of at an employer from time to time, but come on.

You’re just making yourself look stupid, even though it is behind a keyboard and that most (99%) or people have no idea who you are, but do you really think that your little rant about being busy and you couldn’t sit down is going to effect someone wanting to work there?

If you’ve been keeping up with anything that I write, I am starting a new job on October 20th, so I decided today that I was going to look up reviews of the place, from an employee perspective, man on man, the laughs I was giving myself 🙂

Have a look for yourself here

I’m going to be a server at the new Dave & Buster’s opening up in Canton on November 4th, 2019. I am what a couple of managers call a “hybrid” employee, meaning, I can do everything in a restaurant. From the kitchen to the serving floor to being a bartender, there is nothing that I cannot do in a restaurant. Hell, I’ve been in restaurants nearly my entire life. I don’t like to talk myself up, but I am damn good at serving and being a bartender. I say this because I’m a natural asshole. I have a certain feel for the people I walk up to, and before I even introduce myself, you can feel a certain ‘vibe’. So you act accordingly.

Back to the reviews I was reading.

…if you take a break then you have to work harder because of all the back up of dirty dishes everywhere

Well no shit! Hey bus person from Moburn, MA, do you really think that just because you took a break that the dishes are gonna magically stop coming? The balls to leave a bad review because the work didn’t stop because you did.

And another one:

Just and horrible, atrocious place to work; no care for their employees or their lives outside of work. In the, I was only working once a week, and every minute there felt like an eternity.

So because you sacrifice your time to come into a business that pays you, and work, 1 DAY A WEEK, they don’t care about your life outside of work. Well no shit. The majority of companies care about their business and how it’s going to run day to day. They are not worried that you have to put your Xbox controller down for a couple of hours, 1 day, to show up so that they can pay you.

I’m just appalled by how people think they have legitimate complaints, when it boils down to laziness. If I’m going to pay you to work, you’re damn right you’re gonna work, and not just half ass it. You will bust your ass while you’re there. You may have a short time where you can stop and collect your thoughts, but other than that, suck it up buttercup and buy a bigger pair of panties!