New journey

Well today starts my new journey, kinda

I put in a 3 week notice at my job, so my last day will November 3rd, 2019. I’m both excited and scared, but I feel my time has run out here. Plus, I’m in a love/weird relationship with something that’ll never be, so it’s probably best to be away from it, it’s not good for my mental and emotional state. Just wish things  could be different. 😔

I feel somewhat confident in my decision to leave here, it’s not my co-workers, or the job itself, it’s the company. I stepped down for a reason, the upper management, starting at the GM position, all have different ideas on how things need to run. That’s great to have their own “flare” with things, but as a very large company, certain things should be consistent with every manager and at every store, that’s not the case here.

Now that’s not to say that this new company will be any better, but the thing is, this is a brand new store, new managers, all trained the same way, new staff, all trained the same way, so consistency should be a given here, it’s all exciting and scary at the same time. Throughout my restaurant career, I’ve opened up numerous new stores, they all have this kind of aura around them. Everybody is nervous and scared, and they have every tight to be scared, this isn’t going to be easy, especially the time of year it is, and the location of this place! This is going to be so damn hectic the first 4-5 months, might not even get a chance to think!

And if things don’t work out at this new place, it’s not like I can’t come back here and just pick up where I left off, hell, people here now have done that without skipping a beat, which shouldn’t be allowed, but then again, so many things here are overlooked, as long as the “numbers” are good. Who cares about the employees right? It’s all about the money to be made, at any cost.

Yes, I like to make money too, but making a guest have the best dining experience they have ever had, that they talk about to their friends and family, and then come back and always ask for you, man, now that’s where it’s at! Having a guest talk to you about their day, or the child remembers you, and actually knows your name, and they proceed to tell you about school, it is one of the greatest feelings ever. One of the main reasons I got into this business. I love to make people happy, seeing them smile while they’re leaving. And you know deep down, that they will be back, and they will ask for you. It makes every ‘Karen’ that you had to deal with that day worth it.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m scared. To be with one company for so long, it puts you in a certain comfort zone, and that can be a more scary place then anything. I don’t want to be comfortable at work. I want to be challenged, both mentally and physically. This place can’t offer that anymore, the only challenge here is dealing with the different inconsistencies on a daily basis.

So if you are someone who actually reads these, especially if you know me personally, let me know and wish me luck!