New Store

This place is nasty. I am not use to this. I’m used to a top notch kitchen running like a well oiled machine, this kitchen runs like a 25 year old Oldsmobile that hasn’t had it’s oil changed in years.

Saturday night, and I’m running broil by myself! How the hell is this store still in business? I am not used to not doing $2,000 hours, and averaging $15,000 daily sales. Hell, 3 people would go down in Philly, but here, I can run broil alone. I know I’m a beast in the kitchen, but come on man. I do not know how long I’m gonna last here.

The kitchen staff keeps looking at me weird, but honestly, I don’t care. I came here to make money, not friends. I do have respect from the broil cooks here though because I don’t need any help, but that still don’t make things comfortable.

Here’s to many more boring nights here in Massillon