Nothing great ever comes from being easy!

Everyday is a new challenge, which I embrace warmly.

I changed my lifestyle roughly 6 months ago.

On September 13, 2019 I decided that I was going to start working out and eating right. Trying to discipline yourself to do things differently is hard as fuck. I drank Mountain Dew like it was out of style, I ate fast food all the time, constantly snacked, all night long. I never drank water by itself, hated oatmeal, hated the entire process of trying.

I took a picture of myself in jeans and no shirt on on September 13, this was for reference later on. I was going to see

what I would look like after 30 days of working out and eating right. I was so determined to change the way I looked and the way I lived. That didn’t last long. Being determined is great, as long as you firmly believed it. I know now, I did not firmly believe it. I thought it, but didn’t believe it.

About 2 weeks later, I did not want to do it anymore. I started to get back into my bad habits. More Mountain Dew than I ever drank, constantly ate, I didn’t care anymore. I started what ended up being a 4 month depressive state that I didn’t see right away. I didn’t want to do it anymore, nothing mattered. I started a new job in December, but really didn’t give 2 shits about it, I was just going through the motions, but I didn’t have anything else going for me, so I poured myself into the job, everyday. I didn’t have a choice, I had to work everyday, 7 days a week for roughly 11-12 hours a day to what ended up being a 34 day stretch.

I didn’t think that was anything, but it did more for me than I thought. One morning in January, I woke up early for some reason, around 5:30 am. I still don’t know why I woke up that early, but after I did my morning routine, which I didn’t shower, which was weird, I went to my room and grabbed my phone. I ended up looking at the picture I took in September, and oh my god, I looked disgusting. I could not stand the way I looked.

If I see this, how can anybody not see it! I grabbed my binder and went to the weights. Something triggered inside of me during the night and that trigger hasn’t stopped since. Some kind of fire ignited and it hasn’t gone away. I struggle everyday with my mental demons, but it’s easier to push them away when I’m in my gym. Yes, it’s a home gym, but it’s mine. I push myself to be better than I was yesterday.

I’m up everyday between 5:30-6, I eat breakfast and drink a cup of coffee, then I hit my gym. There is no greater feeling than feeling your muscles spasm and burn, I absolutely love it! After I workout, I do a 45 minute yoga session followed by 30 minutes of meditation.

I eat roughly 8 times a day now, small portions of healthy food. I drink 64 oz. of water everyday. I do not drink soda anymore. I take supplements, which I will not endorse at this time, I take vitamins. I have to say, the improvement of my mind and body has been incredible.

Again, these blogs are for my reference, the pictures are for my reference. I will post photos in July, when it has been 6 months of this lifestyle.