Pretty sure I’m back

I know it’s been awhile since I posted anything, but I have my reasons. A main reason is that I haven’t been myself, mentally, for awhile. Depression really sucks. I always thought that I could get through pretty much anything, I mean, I’ve had my weakness before and have always came back from those, but this time, just seems to be hanging on longer than usual. I’m not gonna hurt myself, those thoughts don’t even cross my mind, but I do believe that I have conquered this, but time will tell about that I’m pretty sure.

Anyhow, a lot has been going on, including a new career. I say career because this isn’t just a “job” that’ll get me by, this could potentially lead to relocating with promotions galore! This is new concept in this area, it has already proven very successful in Texas and California, there is even one in Columbus, just a different company.

This is with Cinemark Bistro, not just a movie theater, but a restaurant with a full kitchen as well. I was hired in as Assistant Kitchen Manager, which is awesome! Ya, it’s been slow right now, because we don’t even open until January 30th, but this is so exciting. Slowly building a kitchen from the ground up, having a say on everything in the kitchen, from where things should go all the way to what equipment should we get. I’ve been in the know since I was hired back in December, Phallon’s birthday of all days.

We have all new theaters, they all have reclining heated seats with food trays. Ya, we lost 1 theater due to the kitchen, but the loss is a good thing. We no longer have the arcade, but we will be serving at least 6 draft beers as well as frozen margaritas. This place is pretty awesome!

I’ve been a part of all three hiring events, I think I hired some good people, just wish we paid a little more so I could grab Ritchie from Applebee’s, but I can’t match his pay there, but all in due time. The past couple of days have been vigorously cleaning the kitchen, after these construction workers got done, and let’s just say, Union workers are lazy. I’ve never seen crews dart for the exit at exactly 3:00 pm so fast in my life, regardless if the job they’re doing at the time is done, which has put things pushed back and are leaving a lot of things unfinished. We have the top dogs coming in on Monday the 13th, so I’m pretty sure these guys will have more fire in their step, training starts in exactly 1 week, the 20th, so they better get their asses in gear!

This is such an exciting time in my life, so I do believe that, mentally, things have finally come full course, and I can finally start having the life that I want, so I can provide more for my girls, and be in their lives more than I am. I do believe I kinda suck as father only seeing them at certain times, but I’m trying as hard as I can, and I do believe this move from just being an under appreciated server for Dave and Busters to a Assistant Kitchen Manager, with an expanding company, will help pave the way for this!