The National Guard is here to help distribute food and supplies with 12 (or more I’m not sure) different food banks and pantries in Ohio.
The reason I believe that it might happen in the near future is because the media has pushed nothing but fear and panic onto us through out this whole quarantine. Naturally, people assume the worst to happen right from the start. So when the general public who aren’t paying attention see the National Guard in town or see the army trucks coming in, their mind goes straight to “oh god something bad is happening, the Army is here and were all about to get beat or tear gassed” or something crazy like that. THAT IS NOT WHAT THEY ARE HERE FOR.
But because of this fear mongering and chaos that we’ve been brainwashed into, people are gonna get wild. They will act on fear and panic. With people already buying out all the ammo in stores and hoarding supplies, we basically already have an idea about what’s gonna happen. People are gonna start kicking in doors and looting peoples houses. Stores that are shut down will be broken into and robbed, and stores that are open are more at risk for robbery and looters. They might start attacking the National Guard units out of fear that they’re here to enforce a lock down or quarantine. If that happens, the National Guard units will HAVE to retaliate because that is what they are trained to do. They are trained to protect us, but most importantly they need to protect themselves as well. Imagine being in the NG and providing supplies to these people only for them to try and rob you or attack you out of their own fear of what MIGHT happen? If and once they retaliate and react with force the general public is going to view it as the National Guard came in and took over. Only THEN do I see us going into Martial Law, which I really think might happen BECAUSE of all the panic and fear being pushed on us from every aspect. From Main stream media to social media, you see everyone telling you to be safe or stock up. Which is totally okay! Be concerned for your peers! But don’t let panic and fear based thoughts take over the rational and calm ones.
During this time we need to be CALM. People are going to freak out, people will not be able to handle everything that is coming and we may see suicide rates rise, but We need to be collected and thinking with a clear head on our shoulders. Things are about to get scary and dangerous, not because of the military, but bc of the people who are so controlled by fear that they dont think clearly. Some cities and areas are gonna be much worse than others. Violence will be high.
The important thing to remember is to #trusttheplan #calmbeforethestorm 👈🏻 look it up. I recommend watching the video “Q- THE PLAN TO SAVE THE WORLD” by Joe M on YouTube (see my first post) along with “Basics of the #Qanon phenomenon” by Destroying the Illusion (see video below) if you really wanna know what I’m talking about. Just remember to keep an open mind and ignore your cognitive dissonance 😬.
There’s a lot going on behind the scenes that the mass majority will not be able to comprehend. It’s going to get a hell of a lot worse before things get better. But don’t PANIC. Panic solves nothing!
Remember to stay safe during these times and to think with rational thoughts before fear. Fear is an illusion and does nothing for us.