Same shit

I love my job and the majority of the people I work with, but…..

Certain people seem to be able to do the bare minimum of work, and get away with everything they do, regardless if it’s right or wrong. Then, there are people like me that do anything and everything to help, to try and make everybody’s shift run as smooth as possible, hell, Saturday night is a great example, instead of running the FOH, I put on an apron and helped run broil during dinner since our incredible KM “forgot” to get someone in to help. It’s things like this that separate passionate workers from daily workers.

I am not an extraordinarily person, or think I’m better than anybody else, but I bust my ass every shift I work, whether I’m managing, serving, bar tending or cooking. I don’t ask for anything, BUT, my hours.

So, since our great KM fucked up the managers schedule, once again for the month, it looks like I’m going to lose 9 hours of work this week. THIS IS A PROBLEM! Now this isn’t the first time that she took hours away from me, but I’ll tell you this, IT WILL BE THE LAST. Once you start fucking with my money, any issues I have had with you, are now increased.

I have tried and tried with this bitch, and I’m looking like the bad guy, well you know what, I.Don’t.Care.Anymore. I’m not perfect, but I own up to my mistakes, I help who needs help and I still have to put up with bullshit from a person who thinks they’re all that and more.

As of this post, I still have a job. But it might be possible that I will not have one at the end of the day. I will not keep quiet anymore with her, and I do not care who knows.

Remember this “Oh Great Kitchen Manager”, I have things saved that will bury you, and most likely, our restaurant, if it gets out!