Second job

I’ve been trying to get a second job, to help supplement my income, but it has to be in the morning or overnight. This is harder than it seems. So I applied at a local McDonald’s, and low and behold, they hired me for day shift, I was excited as hell! BUT……

they said I had to shave!

I’ve had my beard for well over 20 years, my daughters have never seen me without a beard, yes it’s just hair, but it’s who I am, and who I’ve always been. I really had to think about this.

Late Wednesday night, I shaved! The extra money would be nice and help drastically, so I made the choice. So Thursday morning I get a text saying they don’t need me today. WTH??? I just shaved for this company! Ok, it’s just one day, no biggie. Thursday night I get another text to not come in on Friday either! Are you fucking kidding me right now????

So, for over 20 years I refused to shave my beard. I do it for a measly $9/hr job for extra money, then they tell me 2 days in a row AFTER I shave that they don’t need me? Well I was scheduled for Saturday morning as well, guess who didn’t show up? THIS GUY!

Fuck off McDonald’s! There are 5 star restaurants that have the greatest chefs in the world having beards, full length ones at that. What makes you think a beard is gonna make your customer service any worse than it already is. Or is my beard gonna make me forget to fries in the bag, or forget an only ketchup frozen cooked patty on a bun? You guys are insane. I even offered to purchase, on my own, beard masks and they said no. What about the lady that interviewed me, why didn’t you ask her to shave? Her whiskers were longer than mine, but that seemed ok

Maybe if you’d focus more on your product and your business model, instead of focusing on facial hair, you’d actually have positive reviews.