Some reason why I may have to look elsewhere

Ever since I started here, I have made my intentions very clear, I WANT IT ALL!

I mean, come on, the first time I met Corey, our Regional Manager, I introduced as his “next General Manager”. He remembers my name now. I have a way of making an impression on people, you’re either gonna love me or hate, there is no in between. I know what I want, and I continue to push myself to get that.

I have told our KM constantly that I want to be in the kitchen, it has been all talk from him, but I got approval from every other manager. I love serving, but it seems that the harder you work, the less you get. Let me give you an example.

We have levels to go through here, based off of your knowledge, the higher you go, the more you know. Based off of tests and training. I have gone from blue, brown, purple, and now I’m yellow level. I want to train new servers, be apart of the Blue and Orange team, open new stores, and move into management, BUT, the management lets whoever train! WTF is that all about. What the fuck is the purpose of going through these levels to progress, only to be looked over for somebody else that don’t give 2 shifts about this job?

I overheard my manager tell another employee that “after you complete Blue Level, I’ll make you a trainer”? Are you fucking serious? And this is after I have already completed the Brown Level!!

When I showed my manager my certificate completion of the Brown Level, he looks at me and says “good job”. No talk of anything else, as a matter of fact, he told me I have to slow down because I’m “blowing” through these modules and that he needs to be a step ahead of me.

So the talk about moving up in the company and advancement opportunities are based on the management being “ahead of me”, not my progression. Look, it’s not my fault that the management has less experience than me, so why do I have to suffer.

I don’t need recognition for my work, my work speaks for itself, but at least the kitchen staff is awarded with different color hats, that lets everyone know that they have taken the necessary steps to improve themselves. I am a very good cook, I fucked up by wanting to be a server first, then move into the kitchen. I should’ve went with my gut and told Eric, our KM, at my interview that I wanted to be in the kitchen. Hell, I was even talked up by a former manager, yet I shot that down to wait tables, to be in the front.

I am a people orientated person, I enjoy serving, meeting new people. Having these people come back to see me, to laugh and smile and have a good time, but I cannot serve to my full potential knowing in the back of my mind that my hard work is for nothing other than to serve, that I will not go anywhere.

Hell even issues that I brought up to our GM, pretty serious I think, got overlooked and everything is back to normal. How can a person verbally use the the word nig**r, not once, but twice, once in the kitchen and once on the floor, yet still have his job? I was dismissed from a job because somebody said I said that very thing. When in fact I never did!

All the reviews I read about this company are starting to come to light. The company as a whole is great, but it’s the lack of leadership and management that have made people quit, I’m starting to see that now.