Sunday….fun day? Nope, lazy!

Ah, Sunday! These are the days that I do absolutely nothing. Well, since I’ve been off work for a fucking month, it’s what I do everyday, the only difference is, I don’t work out. Well, I do, but just my abs, but I have to say, that fat isn’t going anywhere. There is a six pack under there, I can feel it, it’s just shy and don’t want to come out just yet.

The best thing about being out of work, is spending just about everyday with my favorite person. It’s not all day, but it is every single day, which I love! The difference between today and every other day, we did go to my mothers’ house to help her with stuff that my brother-in-law could’ve very easily went over and did. I mean, damn man, you live like 5 minutes away, I live 30 minutes away! This stupid “virus” is causing havoc everywhere I know, but not being able to give your own mother a hug before leaving totally sucks.

The worst thing about being out of work, no damn money. I mean, I’ve applied for unemployment awhile ago, but it continues to say “Pending”, no approval, no denial, just “Pending”.  I can’t pay rent, can’t pay any of my bills. I know that the utilities are not doing shut offs, but I still owe the money, regardless if it’s paid next month or not.

I have 3 pending payments on unemployment, THREE!! Tonight, at 9:11pm I get an email from unemployment, stating the following:

Dear Ohioan,

As you know, these are unprecedented times. In recent weeks, we have received a record number of unemployment claims, as well as a record number of calls, which have strained our system and slowed processing times. To that end, we have been working 24/7 to streamline performance and boost capacity both online and through our call centers. Currently, we are at least one week behind schedule in both processing claims and distributing payments.

Each claim is important to us, and we understand the urgency of providing you with the resources you need to support your family. Please note:

  • All benefits will be retroactive to the date you became eligible. If your claim is identified as needing to be backdated, you will receive an email with more information.
  • Any delays in processing will not affect your total benefit amount.

Because of the high claims volume, our system has been automatically generating correspondence before it can actually be viewed. This is a known issue, and we are working to resolve it. In addition, if you receive automated notices about any of the following, please IGNORE them:

  • Work search
  • Training
  • School employment
  • RESEA/UCRS programs
  • Union verification
  • OhioMeansJobs

We sincerely apologize for any confusion as we work to adapt our existing systems to new programs. Thank you for your patience during this difficult time.

Now, I don’t know if that’s encouraging or not, but hey, I got something from them.

Let’s just hope this upcoming week pans out better than the last three, I have applications out EVERYWHERE. So hopefully tomorrow I look and all of my unemployment is loaded into my account and a job calls me to hire me!