Thanksgiving Weekend

Our first Thanksgiving weekend open, and it didn’t disappoint. Lots of things that definitely need addressed to make this restaurant more successful.

First and foremost, our seating policies. I understand that an empty table is loss revenue, but there are some things that come first, our kitchen. Our kitchen staff kicks ass, and they get their asses kicked constantly. I finally figured out why, the hosts were told that there can’t be any open tables. So, if we are on a wait, and 10 tables get up, they seat those 10 tables right away, which means that is at least 40 open menu items. If our servers knew how to stagger tables, we’d be fine, but it’s  successful day if our servers know their name, so, with 40 open menus, with a minimum of 3 items per person, that is 120 items, and all these servers greet, drink and order at the same time, guess what happens? THE KITCHEN CRASHES!!

Now, after doing this, our manager will now complain that we are running 45 minute ticket times. What the hell do you think is going to happen when you smother the kitchen all at once. I really wish that they would allow me to teach our hosts the proper way for seating, with any restaurant. It lets everything run smoothly, and the kitchen can get the food out in a timely manner.

With all this shit that happened, my first 3 tables were comped because of extensive ticket times. So be it, but the assholes didn’t even tip me after getting their $80 dinner taken of. What makes you think, as a customer, you can let your server get you numerous refills, clear your table, get you to go boxes, and not make a tip? Do you think that the $4.30/hr I make pays my rent? Did my running ragged for you not satisfy you enough? Did I not kiss your ass enough, for you to tell me over and over “it’s not your fault, you did an awesome job”, for me not to make tip?

You know the old saying “Aces in their places”, well, lets be honest here, I’m an Ace in the kitchen, yet I’m not allowed back in there. Why? I’ll tell you why, I’m too good of a server that they don’t want to lose me out there. And that’s not an ego talking, that’s straight out of my managers mouth. I take my job very serious, and it to the best of my ability. Now there are days when I don’t want to be there, and my work shows. I’m human. I can be just as lazy as the next, but for the most part, I bust my ass, help everybody who needs help, and I don’t even need a thank you, I get satisfaction from knowing I helped. But, with as good as I am on the floor serving, I’m even better in the kitchen. I am a leader, I’m very vocal, and I could get this kitchen in shape in a matter of days.

I love our kitchen staff, but they have no direction, which in turn makes for a very loose staff. This kitchen should be top-notch, run like a brand new engine, because in essence, it is, brand new. I know my abilities, and what I can and can’t do, but why wouldn’t you be willing to try something new when the old isn’t working. These are questions that need answers, but I can’t get answers, so going to work gets frustrating knowing that there is so much you can do, but you’re being held back.

Tomorrow is a new day with the same challenges, because things don’t change here, so here is looking up for the future!