I was scheduled to work on Thanksgiving, no big deal I guess, we didn’t open until 5, so it wasn’t to bad. Now, we were being told that we’re gonna get “hit”, because of the Black Friday sales.

That was not the case. I had a 5 table section in sports lounge. At 6:30, after I’ve already been there 2 hours, I have not had a table. With that being what it was, I decided to say fuck it, I’ll just expo.

Now all 3 managers didn’t have any objection to it, the only problem was, I’m not allowed to work in the kitchen anymore, so I was paid my server wage, to expo food, with no tips. That was my choice, I’m not upset about it. The line seem to have respect for me, and listen to me. I don’t think they look at me as just a server, which is good.

My problem lies with, at 10:00 pm, I asked if I could go, because we had no business, and me being on expo isn’t doing anybody any good. I was told no!


I was doing YOU a favor, for a fraction of the price, and you’re gonna just let me stand around? Fuck you man.

My problem is that I care to much. I love my job and I want to try and make everybodies shift run smooth, regardless of how it effects me. Today, that all stops. I’m gonna go ahead and be one of these cut-throat assholes and just care about myself, not anybody else.
You see, once I start to stop caring, the staff and management will actually see everything that I do do, it’s called integrity, and 98% of these people have none.

Good luck but pushing one, if not the your only, dedicated employee to this point.