The Great Awakening

Watch it. But do so with an open mind. Ignore your cognitive dissonance and the thoughts media forced into your head.
Things are happening.
Shits about to get real and a lot of bad people within our government are about to be arrested for things so unimaginably gross.
Like pedophile rings, murders, rituals. These people basically play “God” and have been for century’s.
Shits changing during all of this. Be aware. There’s a global awakening among us.

Don’t comment ignorant shit. Do your research before you come at me with tin foil hat comments.
April 1st-April 10th there’s supposedly gonna be #10daysofdarkness where we the people go in lock down, corona virus peeks, and internet, WiFi, newspapers and anything the media can use to report will be shut down. Arrests will happen during this. The only channel available will be the emergency broadcast system. Believe me or call me crazy. But well all see. #trusttheplan

Source: Macayla Strasser