Man, what a wild past couple of weeks. New job, picking up and working more shifts, hit a deer, and a possible date! I tell ya, things are going good right now, kinda scares me, because usually good things comes with bad things, but I’m staying positive here, not trying to, but I AM staying positive..

We started with 243 employees, over 80 of them were servers. The last I heard, we are down to just over 100 employees! That’s a massive drop, in just 2 weeks! It’s good and bad, good because now I can jump around and start working in different areas. Man, the sooner I can become a manager and get a certain “poindexter’ manager outta here the better! Bad, because everybody has to work twice as hard now. But no sweat, I love working. As you know, I have no life, I work and come home, that’s it.

Guess I should get off the toilet and start getting ready for work, I picked up yet another shift this morning, so another open-close today!!

I love my job!!