Turning AMC Stock from a thought into a passion

Have you ever been passionate about something? I mean, deep down to your core passionate?

Let me explain: February 1, 2021, I was talking with my ex about how GameStop exploded on the stock market in a matter of days. It really wasn’t that quick, more like 6 weeks, but we started talking about how AMC was going to be the next best thing.

Man was I hyped. I was actually on the phone with her on a Monday morning when I purchased my fist shares of AMC. $88 and it got me 5.089 shares! I was so excited. But, that day, and the days to follow, I saw my money slowly disappearing. I was heart broke. But, I still had hope that I was going to make some money. So I continued to put money into this stock. Everyday I was taking an advance of my paycheck and buying what I could. $5 here, $100 there.

Since that day, I have down lots or research and lots of reading. Not just on AMC, but about the stock market and such. I have a better understanding now about how things work. I’m not perfect, I’m still lost on lots of things, but I know more now, which is a good thing.

About passion, this experience has taught me about unity and how you can feel so much passion for something. The passion I feel towards AMC is nuts. It’s just about making the money anymore. Yes, I hope to make some, but what’s more important to me now is the fight for us little guys. I live paycheck to paycheck, I scrape by usually a couple days before payday, but I’m not going to sell my shares for pennies on the dollar.

Companies like Citadel and Melvin, these hedge fund people, make billions of dollars every year by shorting stocks on the market, which in turn takes lots of money away from guys like me. They’re all about the money, which they should be, that’s their business. But the way that they do it is just immorally wrong, it’s illegal. But, because of the amount of money involved, it’s not worth it for the SEC to step in. The amount of money it would cost to try and prosecute things companies would be astramical, and honestly, it would make more and more people suffer.

So, as I sit here on Saturday night watching UFC and typing this out, I can’t wait until Monday morning when the market opens again. As of today, I have invested $4,951.13 and own 615.676 shares of AMC!

This has been a roller coaster of emotions the past month, but I refuse to sell this until the stock price reflects an actual realistic price of $35 or more. There is no way that this stock is a below $10 price.

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