What a weird week

It has been one of those weeks that’s really weird. I told my managers that I wanted to work in the kitchen Mon-Thurs and serve on Fri and Sat. The reason is this: I’m a hell of a cook. I know that is something that I’m really good at, plus, the cooks we have during the week at night, kinda suck. There are 4 cooks in particular that I told our KM has to be there every night. At least of them per night. They are our Brown Hats, which is a step up from Blue, so they know more than the Blue Hats.

The other night , they had no direction. Slow as hell on the simplest things (fries took 18 minutes). The thing is, we really were not that busy, but the line felt we were doing $5,000 hours. This night was the quietest line, they didn’t talk to each other, they were not communicating, which is essential on a line. I am a vocal person, and to be honest, I’m a natural leader, I take charge in situations, and this line needs that. Hopefully they let me, and soon.

Serving is a whirlwind, especially here. This is a different clientele then what I’m used too. Guests here are not so uptight like Applebee’s, and the checks are outrageous! It’s very common to have their bill over $100 in a matter of 4 items, it’s wild! If you get a check that is under $50, that usually means it’s just 1 person. lol. Friday and Saturday nights are extremely busy, not a lot of time to talk with guests, but I always take as much time as needed with every guest. You can usually get a vibe from them within the first 30 seconds on how they’re going to treat you and if they’re up to talking.

Come around 10-10:30 pm on weekends is when the the majority of the “kids” come in. I say kids, but in reality, they’re the late 20’s early 30’s crowd. They all just want to stand around the bar and drink. It is really a night club atmosphere.This is when it sometimes gets out of hand. Last night a guy says “I’m not drunk”, while he’s spilling his beer while drinking it and then slammed the glass on the floor and did nothing, didn’t even move. I had to ask him to move out of the way so we could clean it up. I had a group of 6 women dancing in their booth while snapchatting, this place is awesome!

As soon as we get the management, not only on the same page, but in the same book, this place is gonna rock!!!