Why must you throw shit right in my face?

Once again I am in a position that I do not like. The past week has been really stressful, with yesterday being fucked up.

As you know from my past blogs, I’ve been wanting to work in the kitchen, even did for 2 shifts, but was told no cross-training for at least 6 months. Totally understandable by the explanation I got. BUT…..on a night when the entire restaurant is full of parties, would you blatantly take a bartender and start training them as a server? Especially in the same area I am in? Because she said she needs more money, like us servers already on have been saying constantly, yet you allow them to take a section away from one us servers. Better yet, she’s not even trained to be a server, but it’s ok to start CROSS-TRAINING her!!! WTH Man!!!

Through the past month and a half, I’ve been thinking weird stuff about this place, hoping it’s not true, but as time goes on, maybe my stupid way of thinking has some truth behind it. Especially when it comes to our S.T.A.R Program, as well as our “cross-training” crap.

As I said before, we have a program where you can move up, with more responsibilities and such, to make your way to manager. And I have been vigorously working on that, almost on a daily basis. Each level need a managers validation to move on to the next level. Now, I have achieved all of my levels, with Yellow and Green. I was validated for the Green Level (after yellow), but I have not been validated for the Yellow Level. This makes no sense. I have been on the list to be validated for at least 2 weeks, with nothing, even though I have asked numerous times about it. So yesterday, I asked once again, my GM said he’ll look at it. I was called into the office, and when I got into the office, a femaile employee was in there filling out a paper, and I asked jokingly “What’d I do now?”, he said “nothing, I’m just going to get you setup.”

I was thinking to myself “AWESOME”, I’m finally going to be able to take my test and be Green Level! Gonna be a good day.

So after about an hour, I log in to take my test, since I am on a party and they’re all playing games. I can’t access the test. Hmmmm. So about 2 hours later, I go to the office and ask my GM about it, and he said he wasn’t sure. He even scrolled through my phone to look and said again “I’ll look into it”.  Ok. I log in again about 30 minutes later, and I’m still not able to take the test. By this time, we’re getting killed with all of these parties, so it wasn’t the right time to ask, yet again, so I waited. When we finally slowed down, I log back in, and still not able to take the test, but after looking at the page again, I noticed at the bottom that it says FAILED, signed by my GM!

WTF!  How in the hell can you fail me when you never observed me or even asked me any questions to test me?? How is this possible?

Before I leave for the night, I start talking to the other employee that was in the office earlier about the S.T.A.R. Level, and she tells me that my GM was testing her for the Yellow Level, that she passed, and even got the Yellow pin, that she was proudly wearing. Hmm. Now don’t get me wrong, she deserves it as much as the next person, she’s a hell of a worker, BUT, why the hell did you call me into the office to “get me taken care of”, for nothing? You pretty much called me into the office for absolutely nothing, OR….you wanted me to see her in there, knowing I would find out she passed her Yellow Level at the same time I was in the office, and she was now Yellow Level. She told me that she had to make an appointment with the GM. Huh? As many times that I have asked about being validated, not a single manager, including my GM, has said anything about making an appointment. This, makes no sense what-so-ever!

A trend developed for the day. It’s starting to become obvious about who you get promoted within this store, not necessarily within the company, but this store in particular. You have to be a female. 3 females, that I know of, have been either promoted or cross-trained.

I was heated last night driving home, I was gonna send an email to our GM about it, but I cooled myself down before getting home, and went to bed when I get there. I didn’t want to overthink or let my temper overtake me, a first for me. I’ve been thinking this for awhile, about the discrimination, and I was hoping it wasn’t true, but after what happened yesterday on the 17th, it’s pretty obvious. So I’ll keep tabs on this a little bit longer before anything is said.

Maybe I should start to identify myself as female.