Work, and more work

Is it just me, or is it A LOT of work looking for work? I was always told to get a job in healthcare or restaurants. The world will always need doctors and nurses and it will always need to eat. I guess I picked the wrong side of that spectrum.

Being in restaurants pretty much my entire life, I’m sitting here unemployed. So, healthcare is the way to go. Now I won’t be going to school to do this, hell, I have no desire to be in that type of career. I’ve been looking and looking for jobs. All of these companies saying they’re hiring because of this stupid COVID-19 shit, but, are they really? I’ve applied to everyone of the companies that the “media” says is hiring, all the places that are posting on Facebook, and nothing. One company wanted me to drive 40 minutes to the job, for $11/hr., how is that worth it? The gas alone in my beater car just wouldn’t pan out.

So, I finally find a job in a factory, not my ideal place, but it’s work, and it’s only 15 minutes away, for A LOT more money! Started last week, the work is hard as hell, but I need money. Unemployment still hasn’t gone through, even though they said they would wave the waiting period, but it’s been three weeks now, and nothing. So, with that said, back to my job.

On Friday, I was told we had a meeting after lunch, at 10:05 am. No biggie, at least I thought. We were told that we are reducing production, so we’re only going to be working 3-4 days, for now. Are you kidding me?? I just started this job, I was told that this company (food related) was an “essential” company, and now you’re reducing production? WTF!

Now I know our work is based off of need, and the restaurants are not getting the business they usually get, back come on man. I mean, it is what it is, it’s still money, but I want to work, I need to work!

Lets fast forward to this morning, Sunday. I’m sitting in my chair, watching the news, drinking my coffee and my phone rings at 8:13 am from a number I didn’t know. So I don’t answer, let voicemail do it’s job. Well, maybe I should’ve answered because it was my job saying that we’re not working tomorrow, Monday and that they’ll let me know tomorrow about Tuesday. This is fucking insane.

So, as of this writing, guess what I’m doing? Yes, I’m job searching, AGAIN! Fuck man, I’ll scrub toilets at a senior center at this point